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What are the best ways to choose plants?

  • See the plant(s) for yourself. Come browse plants today and see what’s in bloom.
  • Are you looking for more than a few plants? Let us help. Check out We Plan-You Plant, a DIY landscape design service.
  • Is searching online OK? To some extent. A picture of a plant in a different climate doesn’t mean it will grow the same in Wisconsin. You can also browse our Knowledgebase for plant info written for our local climates/soils.

Retail Volume Discount:

  • Retail customers who purchase at least $2,500 of PLANT MATERIAL receive a discount of 10% off the PLANT MATERIAL.
  • Retail customers who purchase at least $5,000 of PLANT MATERIAL receive a discount of 15% off the PLANT MATERIAL.
  • Delivery, Installation, Hard Goods, Gift Cards, Sales Tax, etc. are excluded from this promotion.
  • Discounts are calculated on the Subtotal (before tax) of plant material only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Cannot combine multiple orders and/or utilize past purchases to meet the discount threshold.
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  • Public Inventory data updates every other day. If you’re looking at low-quantity plants here, there’s a small chance it could be sold out if you arrive later. If you’re unsure, call in advance to check or place an order to hold them.
  • This Public Inventory represents our holding yard in Menomonee Falls. It may also include plants at other farm facilities that aren’t open to the public.
  • Contact us to inquire about zero-price items.
  • Black plastic containers can no longer be recycled at Johnson’s Nursery. If you cannot reuse your containers, please place them in your garbage cart.
  • Read our limited guarantee, warranty, and return policy.
  • Enjoy a self-serve shopping experience. Please understand that the green industry is busy, especially during the warm season. Retail Department staff do not make appointments for consultations. First come, first served. On Fridays and Saturdays, the wait could be considerable. For more in-depth, focused attention, we suggest visiting on lower traffic weekdays.

More Plant Resources

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Understanding Nursery Sizes

How large is a #1 container? What is a 1.5″ caliper? The term “gallon” is a moniker from ages ago and isn’t an accurate representation of sizes.

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Understanding Nursery Shapes

Some species can be naturally found in various shapes and forms. We do our best to stock a range of shapes like single stem, multi-stem, and shrub form trees.

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Wisconsin Native Plants

Encourage ecological growth at all levels of the food web with native plants, which also offer the same (or better) characteristics than non-native plants.