Community Tree Planting

How Community Tree Planting Works

Community Tree Planting positively impact lives, communities, and the environment for years to come. The value of planting locally grown Wisconsin native trees increases exponentially when you involve people of all ages from the community.

Few things in life create a more positive impact than planting locally grown native trees with members of our community.

child plants musclewood for community tree planting event at greendale schools wisconsin
children planting trees for the community tree planting at canterbury middle school
community tree planting award from wudeward and johnson's nursery

Let’s Discuss Community Tree Planting

Rob Dummert
VP – Sales and Business Development
Cell: 262.225.2809

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What We Do

Provide tools and knowledge. During these tree plantings, kids and adults alike are taught:

  • To value and respect native plants and trees, what makes a tree native
  • How seeds are collected locally from select trees in our region
  • The benefits of planting trees from our local ecotype

How It’s Done

By guiding an immersive planting process, participants learn through active participation. Planting steps include:

  • Finding the root flare
  • Proper hole depth
  • The importance of compacting while backfilling
  • Straightening a tree with three people
  • Creating a perfect mulch ring to divert water back to the tree
  • Discussing future care and water requirements

The Focus

The Future. Making the process all-inclusive and kid-friendly is a must!

  • Kids are assigned different steps during planting so everyone has a chance to get their hands dirty in one or multiple steps of the process.

Highlights From Recent Projects

Waukesha County Parks

planting trees for the community tree planting at waukesha county parks

JNI donated (21) native trees for this project in a mixture of sizes #2-#20.

Waukesha County Parks staff along with numerous volunteers planted over 300 trees in honor of Arbor Day 2022 at Minooka Park. Over 50 registered volunteers, in this event that reach capacity for volunteers, assisted park staff in the planting of 21 trees and shrubs.

Read the full press release from Waukesha County.

“It’s great to be adding native trees to our park system this Arbor Day. These trees provide crucial habitat for wildlife and enhance the beauty of our parks too.”

Paul Farrow, County Executive

Greendale Schools

children planting trees for the community tree planting at greendale middle school

4 Schools:

College Park Elementary
Highland View Elementary
Greendale Middle School
Greendale High School

100 trees – #5 gallon size

“I appreciate that the students got a chance to help plant one of the trees and can look at that tree as it grows and claim a little bit of ownership by saying “I helped plant that tree!”

Teresa Borrelli, Canterbury Elementary School

Prairie Hill Waldorf School

children planting trees for the community tree planting at prairie hill waldorf school

5th-grade class
6 apple trees
#10-gallon size material

“The community tree planting was an incredible experience and gift you were able to give to the children. They were beaming with pride in their good work done and were talking all through snack about it.”

Lindsay Earle, Prairie Waldorf School

Retzer Nature Center

children planting trees for the community tree planting at retzer nature center

Planted during sustainability fair with community members
10 trees
#5-gallon size material

“Thank you so much for planting all those Bur oaks at Retzer on behalf of the Sustainability Fair! You guys rock! Thank you for everything you do.”

Stacey Balsley, Waukesha County Green Team

Forest Exploration Center

children planting trees for the community tree planting at forest exploration center

Collaboration with Wudeward Urban Forest Products and HGA
16 trees
#5 to #25-gallon size material

“HGA had a great time partnering with Wudeward Urban Forest Products, Johnson’s Nursery, and the Forest Exploration Center. It’s such a rewarding experience to plant trees, knowing you’re creating a healthier, more sustainable world. We are excited to continue to help build our urban forests in Milwaukee!”

Wesley Churchill, HGA

Spinnaker Pond Restoration

planting trees for the community tree planting at spinnaker pond

Partnership with City of Port Washington, Lakeshore Natural Resource Partners, Stantec, and the community
100 trees
#5 and #10-gallon size material

“Just wanted to send a note to thank you for a successful tree planting event!Despite tough digging conditions, we had beautiful weather and a great group of dedicated volunteers to support this community project.”

Sarah Majerus, Stantec

Groundwork Milwaukee

planting trees for the community tree planting at groundwork milwaukee

(4) #5 Cherry Trees
(6) #10 Peach trees

“Thank you so much for your time on Saturday – as volunteers were leaving they were commenting on how nice the day went. We so appreciate your work.”

Samson Srok, Groundwork Milwaukee